happy valentines day...

well.......its a good thing i didnt have anyone to go on a date with today, because im sick & i feel like shit lol.

Valentine's Day
Hearts and roses and kisses galore,
What the hell is all that shit for?
People get mushy and start acting queer,
It is definitely the most annoying day of the year.
This day needs to get the hell over with and pass,
Before I shove something up Cupid's ass.
I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak
And wear black for the rest of the week.
Guys act all sweet, but soon it will fade,
For all they are doing is trying to get laid.
The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit,
Cause I think this love thing is a crock of shit.
So, here's my story... what else can I say?
Love bites my ass... Fuck Valentines Day!
lol haha
all i did today was watch football movies lol. ever since i saw remember the titans in english (ive never seen it before. wtf) ive gotten like every football movie...cuz they are so damn hot lol. this is all danielle h.'s fault lol..he builds go carts and stuff. hes really cool lol
right now im watching the slaughter rule..some parts are really nasty, like when they are having sex on the truck and the guy is jacking off in the locker room lol..but other then that its really good.

my birthday is tomorrow, and to celebrate julie and i are going shopping in mass @ the biggest mall around lol. i was gonna have a party..but a bunch of people arent gonna be here. oh well, next years the only one that really counts. i think ill just see my grandparents or something..maybe my dads cousin, hes the funniest guy ever
but the one thing i really want....i cant really have. ugh. ill prolly just get a tv or something.

yesterday i was in the back riding my quad, and while i was going down the hill i saw this black thing. i thought it was a wolf or something and i was really scared, but then i saw someone and i thought it was my brother, but then the dog kept on coming so i was like oh shit lol. so i went down a little closer and the dog like went to the guy and the only way i could get back to my house was to take the trail they were standing on so i had to go down, but their dog stayed with them and the two guys were really nice..and they were hunting rabbits lol. they live next door to us i guess..my mom got mad at me when i told her i talked to them, she was like "but they had guns!" it was kinda funny.

lol...karissa is sorry and DESERVES TO BE SHOT IN THE.......lol..she did something very bad..to add on to my headache
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2 more days till my birthday. yayyyyy. i got 2 balloons today but during lunch one untied and it flew to the ceiling lol. and i got 2 flowerrrrs.
i dont think im having my partay till march cuz everyones going on vacation and shit.

yesterday my friend rachel (shes a senior and in kevins grade) told me the sweetest thing ever..shes in kevins science class and all the "mature" senior guys were talking about how v-day was just an excuse to get laid but kevin said that its not an excuse to get laid its an excuse to do something romantic. how fucking sweet is that?! why cant all guys be like that??

how long does it take for something from hawaii take to ship in? i got a roxy wallet (for the first time ever lol) and a keychain (for when i have keys lol) off of ebay and its comeing from hawaii. i was gonna get a license plate frame (for when i get my celica ;)) but i didnt. oh well, my wallet is the shit.

uhm i forgot what i was gonna say.
happy valentines day...
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My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

5 days till my birthday! yaaaaay.

today sucked, well at least in the begining. I overslept and my mom woke me up and i had like 5 mintues to get ready. I didnt even put on my fucking makeup, and being the bitch she is she wouldnt drive me up the driveway...so when i got to school i did my makeup. yes it was a bad sight lol jjkkkk.

but im happy, cuz i just found out that natasha (aka BRACLET lmfao) is going to camp all summer. yay, now..."braclet" and "necklace" can be together. lmfao hahahahaha

i have riding tonight..i havent gone for like a month lol. i hope its not all ice. ugh


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holy hell, i just read something and it made me cry. it was the funniest thing ever. it was so funny, that i started to cry. and i never cry. i cant remember the last time i cried..wait maybe i can, but still it was a loooooong time ago. too bad i cant post what it is up here, because i think that person might just read this.

hmm..so today i went to NY with erin, her sister erica & her friend molly. we went the the westchester mall. it was really fun, and i even have $100.00 left. woo. i bought the best smelling stuff ever. ohhh my god. it smells so good. and i got a makeup book for $2.00...and it was originally like $20.00. uhm and wer got this little bag thing with lotions and stuff inside of it, but being the smart people we are, we switched them (the lotions) because the one that was in it smelt bad...and we are keeping the bag for our makeup because we have gay gym 2nd period.i got a lot of other stuff to, and i wanted a skirt from abercrombie but i think ill wait for my mom on that..so i dont have to spend my own money. hah

right now im really mad. at like, every fag in my school. i hate it when people judge you and tell you what you are and how you think and what type of person you are. like larry. he told me that i was racist. you dont just say that to someone (by the way, larry liked me...and just about every other girl at school. oh, and hes black.) he asked me if i thought he had a chance of going out with this girl brittany. i said no, and he said, "oh, its becuase you are racist." ok now that the fuck does that have to do with anything. and im not racist- fyi. ugh! i hate that. people do it all the time. and if you dress a certain way, and wear something you wouldnt normally wear people go like crazy. what the fuck, just fucking get over it. like, for example- i wore my hair up one day and everyone went crazy. or how about the day i straightened it and jenn and adina or alexa idk i cant tell them apart say that "they hate girls like me that straighten their hair..." for some reason..like its already straight or jut to fit in, or something. and my hair isnt straight its wavy. so hah.
or when seth told me that ...... didnt tell me she smoked pot because she thought that i was the kind of person that would get mad at something like that. ok i really dont give a shit what the fuck she does, even tho she is a really good friend of mine, but it was only once. people do this all the time and i hate it. dont fucking tell me who i am or how i think or what i believe, in, because you dont fucking know me.

anyhow...camp starts in 5 months!!!!! i cant wait! katie and i are going to go shopping the day before and get matching outfits and go to camp as sluts (even tho we will be CITs LOL) and then talk ghetto and wear a ghetto hat. its gonna be great. well, maybe not sluts..but ya know.
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i havent updated in a while
winterball was fun, thought itd be better tho but whatever i still had a good time. maybe ill take some of the pictures karissa took and post them here if i feel like it. i met 3 people, but they dont go to our school- matt, rob & "fig" lol. i swear it was kevin.
ill post some pictures-later, from when i slept over karissas "friday" lol

ohhh i got the cuuuutest skirts sunday. i got 2, but they are really short- in the back. lol but im not wearing them till spring cuz its to cold to stand outside. H&M has really cute clothes-shop there. they arent like abercrombie where all the sluts shop and you dont have to be fucking anorexic to look good in their clothes.

i knew patriots were gonna win. and wtf is up with the whole "justin timberlake [sp] ripped off janet jacksons shirt to hard" but then- there was something covering her uhhm nipple. lol wtf

ugh i have like 50 pages to read in to kill a fucking mocking bird so i wont have to read it tomorrow...i want to go to the basketball game lol

why did karissas eyeball come out clear but mine didnt? whatevvvvver
karissas head has been CUT...so ill put in this one:
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ok, so my dad and i are obsessed with making/eating pepperoni bread lol. so we had my mom get all the stuff and she bough some dough but the dough was frozen (she got a bag w/ 3 doughs in it lol). so last night we put the dough out and this morning we woke up and saw it.....well ill show you the pictures i took :D

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xX roXy 08: what did you not get
tigerlily6520: i dk my brain is like not responding rite now
xX roXy 08: brian...
xX roXy 08: xX roXy 08: and then i would die cuz of his hotness..while i was going otu with eric
xX roXy 08: LOL whenever i would see eric and his gfs they looked so pissed off and mad
xX roXy 08: your supposed to be happy and they always looked like they wanted to die
xX roXy 08: oh and he was talking about how he and chelsea made out for like 10 hours
xX roXy 08: LOl
tigerlily6520: BRAIN

xX roXy 08: BRIAN WHO
tigerlily6520: hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahah
tigerlily6520: yea erics gfs do seem kinda angry
xX roXy 08: lol yea they all look so PO
tigerlily6520: BRAIN DUMBASSS
tigerlily6520: MY BRAIN

tigerlily6520: THE SMARTNESSS
xX roXy 08: BRIAN WHO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????\
xX roXy 08: WHAT/????????????????????????????/
tigerlily6520: BRAIN
tigerlily6520: tigerlily6520: i dk my brain is like not responding rite now
xX roXy 08: brian...
tigerlily6520: BRAIN

xX roXy 08: LMFAO OMG
xX roXy 08: IM SO STUPID
tigerlily6520: BRAIN
xX roXy 08: OMFG LMFAO
tigerlily6520: ur like BRIAN WHO???
xX roXy 08: I WAS LIKE WTF
xX roXy 08: LMAFO
tigerlily6520: im like BRAIN
tigerlily6520: hahahahhhahhahahahah
xX roXy 08: LOL OMG
tigerlily6520: that was great
xX roXy 08: LOL
xX roXy 08: YES IT WAS LOL
tigerlily6520: HAHAHA
tigerlily6520: o man
tigerlily6520: omg that was funny
tigerlily6520: brb
xX roXy 08: OK
tigerlily6520: kk
tigerlily6520: who says my brian is fried
xX roXy 08: Lool
tigerlily6520: u animal
xX roXy 08: lmao i read it wrong
xX roXy 08: i thought you said brian
xX roXy 08: lolol
tigerlily6520: o mannnn
xX roXy 08: lol i have to read slower

lmfao blonde moment..or "danielle moment" as kt would say :D
wooo i love emy blondness
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im your hell, im your dream

this song is so great. i remember like 5 or 6 years ago, we were at our friends house, and me, nick, alyssa and my brother were all up in nicks room and this song came on, [im a bitch, im a lover..] and nick was like "omg! they said bitch!! they cant say that!!" haha that was really funny..now nick cant stop swearing and hes like crazy..i had to spend a week and a half with him in the same house, and sleep and eat and fish and swim and "surf" with him....LOL haha and we stole hot sauce from this restaurant but he got caught..and its a long story on why we chose hot sauce lmao it was so great
i could talk forever about that night it was so great but no one would get it cuz they werent with us lol, i think we are seeing them for the Super Bowl.thats gonna be a great night ;)

today i went to the mall with mi madre (thank you julie for clarifying that lol.for us who drop out of spanish and are speds, we like to use "mama") then came home, and went out again to dinner w/ rob and mrs.l & my mom. we figured out whats going for the winterball & stuff like that..yup quite the exciting life i lead.
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mrs.harding can kiss my ass

i have a fucking 79 in her class, thats 1 STUPID POINT away from a B-, and now i cant make the stupid honor roll and ahhhhhhh. i hate her!!! her tests are impossible, her homework takes like 193685 hours and she just sucks!

anyway, i got to wake up @ 8 and leave school at 11:45. i just had one exam (mrs.hardings) and then i went to subway. i saw carmen, andrew and matt there..

tonight is the basketball game...good times @ those lol. ;)
i have a shit load of stuff to still get for winterball, so im going to the mall 2moro to get like 100 things.
2 more exams to study for and them im done. yay!!
i dont know when im gonna start conditioning..i still need to get the schedule, but it will be fun.

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the reasons may change, but the way i feel
stays the same.
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3 midterms to go!!

math is done...i got a C, and i got a C in that class. so that means i can make honor roll!!! thank god.
yesterday i took my band exam and got a B. im not to good @ Sea Songs. im sloooow...
so today i took my math exam and then i had like 4 hours till my info exam, which was easy it was like common sense lol. so for 4 hours, me, karissa, dianna, michelle, chelsea & some other people were in the cafe...
-my fuzzy FRISKY FINGERED friend michelle
-LOL the kid @ the school store..and derek. thats a good choice there..
-me to michelle: PUSH IT!! PUSH IT REAAAL GOOD!! (you pervert, i was talking about the brush..and hair..)
-jarrid and davID and all his gay friends.....and the HARD POTATOES lmfao. oh and the gummy bears
i dont have to go to school till 9:30 2moro, and i leave @ 12:15..and then tue. i dont even have to go to school. how hot is that?! ohh way hot lol

next week im going to start conditioning with the girls bball team, how fun! no really, it'll be fun..but then it will be all good when tennis starts.

2moro night guys varsity bball game @ 7. gooo!! [you can stare at jesse's hot ass legs lol jay kay!]
now i must go and watch some Will & Grace
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