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today i was so hyper. like in science. LOL. "TOM!! IT LOOKS LIKE TOM!" so tom turns around......ok that doesnt really explain anything but it was funny as hell. uh i dont really know what to say. im bored.
im bored.
im hyper and im bored.
i want to go out.
tommorrow i might go out with rob though.
we might go to jeremys. or we might go to battle of the bands.
or just chill at someones house.
or go to the movies, but we might do that on sat. and go with jeremy and dylan. fun stuff man. i bet i wont be as hyper, so i wont be as much fun. lol. or it wont be. i dont know what the fuck im talking about. i think i drank to much fucking sunny delight. just kidding..im prolly like drunk in my own little world off fake beer.

you know how you tell people that there is like vodka or something in their drinks, and then they drink it, and there really is nothing in their drink, but they think there is so they are like, "OH MY GOD IM SO DRUNK LETS FUCK!" i find that funny.

uh, tuesday @ my lesson i got amber and got her all tacked up and shit and then i get on and trot around like 2 times, and holly says that she thinks theres something wrong with her. so i trot her around for a little more and she says shes lame. so i get off and i end up riding petey. petey is fucking 17hh high. he is huge. he was so fun tho. i was scared at first tho, but i got used to him. jumping him was really fun. 3 strides away frm the jump (it seemed like only the oxer tho) he would get a little fast. he has like the best eye ever for seeing his distances. i wanna ride him again...

ok im bored with this. peeeace

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