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i learned how to play pool...yaaaaaaay

yesterday i went to mass with julie and we went shopping. i finally got the shirt from abercrombie that says "make me blush" haha and then i saw one that said "made you smile" i want that one to. we also ate @ crackel barrel (they have the best chicken fingers lol) they sang happy birthday to me lol it was so embarrassing. then we came home, had cake and i went to julies house...heheheeeee

julies house was really fun. patrick (her brother) was gonna pick us up but didnt so her dad did. patricks friend jeff (from simsbury) was there. we hung out and stuff and then we went down to her basement and played ping-pong, guitar and pool...which was interesting lol. i didnt know how to play pool so jeff and patrick taught me how to hold it and stuff. i think i made us lose lol, but then patrick hit in the 8 ball into one of the holes and we lost...that shot was supposed to be mine but patrick took it and jeff was like "thats what happens when you take someone elses turn." it was funny..i guess you had to be there. then we watched Remember The Titans on disney lol.
they had these like snicker things, and patrick and michelle (their little sister) went like phycho and were like wrestling for it lol..so julie hid the stuff in her room and patrick thought that i had the food in my pocket and he like fucking molested my pocket lol. it was funny tho..
so then we went to bed and they slept downstairs so in the morning me and julie went down (jeff was already up) and we let out julies beast (her 5 lb. maltese [sp] doglet] and it jumped on patrick and woke him up and he was all bitchy. it was funny.
then we played more pool and julie and i went with her mom out. we were gonna go to this bead store but it was closed :(. so we went to old navy and places around there...and to the thrift shop LOL. it smells in there...and now julies mom thinks she has lice LOL. it was funny tho....
i was supposed to go to my grandparents house so my mom was like "have her home early" and then i come home, and guess what-im not going to my grandparents house. im so pissed off i wanted to stay, it was really fun. oh well..
that made up for valentines day hehe.

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